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Welcome to Laxman Naik PU College

Sri Laxman Naik PU College, Ranibennur (Karnataka) was establish in the year 1998. It is recognised by government of Karnataka University. It is an English/Hindi/Kannada medium College and Offering Courses like English, Art, Commerce and Science stream and is co-educational. The College has well-qualified and experienced staff and has fully equipped with science and computer labs and library. 

Sri Laxman Naik PU College has been established in 1998  for enhancing and encouraging education in State of Karnataka. We provide a learning environment which is caring, motivating and supportive, allowing all students to achieve their personal best. Talented students of Science Academyhas secure state, district merits in various board examinations.

Some facts about Sri Laxman Naik PU College-

- All Streams (Science, Art, Commerce, English)
2 - Hindi, English and Kannada Medium
3 - World class Infrastructure
4 - Highly qualified and experienced teachers
5 - 18+year experience in education field
- We provide a learning environment which is caring, motivating and supportive, allowing all students to achieve their personal best
7 - We provide facility for the all-round development of student
We provides a fairly wide spreader field of activities organized by various clubs
100%  Examination Result
10 - Compulsory computer education for all students
11 - Library with rich collection of books and subscriber to a large number of periodicals and daily newspaper
12 - Transport facility

Our Objectives

Sri Laxman Naik PU College professes to increase quest for Truth, Love and Beauty (Satyam, Shivam, Sundram) by providing the students ample opportunities in various disciplines and by exposing them to a variegated environment which enables them to develop integrated personality. The school seeks to produce good human beings by developing their character and individuality through a balanced combination of modern education and the rich fabric of our heritage by blending the oriental and the occidental. It also aims at strengthening the forces of National integration, Secularism, Democracy, Communal Harmony, Love and Co-operation by providing them opportunities for social service in the community. In fact we aim at Excellence in life.


Our educational philosophy is to look ahead with an aim to provide wholesome and quality education. The Student are trained to shed all sectarian outlook and be proud of their being Indians. Our efforts are to create an environment where noble thoughts come from every side to help the young ones to live in peace with themselves and with the world around. A child is allowed to develop freely in a harmonious environment. Attention is given to the development of the childs intellect, and his sensitivities to the surroundings to enable him to enjoy the sparkling joys of his tender years. We encourage pupils to learn for themselves. It involves teaching them the main skills to have the quality of decision making they need to conduct independent enquiry, to search new topics, to make connections between different subjects and to think for themselves, to be inquisitive to gain more knowledge.


Chairman's Message:-

Mr. Sri Laxman Rao Naik-

It’s my pleasure and privilege to serve as the Chairman of Sri Laxman Naik PU College…not only because it’s my passion but also because I enjoy the company of my dearly loved students and talented and zealous teachers who keep me energized all the time.

I welcome you all our esteemed parents, pupils and general public to Sri Laxman Naik PU College from all over the various regions of Ranibennur (Karnataka) . Our aim is to provide education for Students of all levels of ability. We recognize that caring for your student is most important. 

Our teachers are chosen with care and caution; they take joy in teaching and have proven their dedication to our students time to time endlessly. We are determined to make our civilized citizen of India from our little infants who grow up in an environment of education.

"True education releases capacities, develops analytical abilities, confidence, will, and goal-setting competencies, and instills the vision serving the best interests of the community...!!

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